Thursday, January 20, 2011

Black Spider Monkey Endangered Animals in the Rainforest

Black Spider Monkey SpeciesBlack Spider Monkey Species

Spider monkey is a native of Central and South America, but they can also be found in Mexico. These monkeys live in tropical rain forests, and grew into a height of about three feet. The monkeys are usually black in color, but they also found other colors such as gold, red and brown. This unusual name is derived from the formation of spider monkeys like them, they hung in a tree.When people see a spider monkey, they want to keep it as a pet, because it looks very cute monkey. However, as a primate pet is not easy. Apart from taking care of their needs, we should keep the account active, the development of the monkey's age. In addition, certain habits, such as throwing feces around them, masturbation and throwing such items are not so cute.

Funny Black Spider MonkeyFunny Black Spider Monkey

So, you should consider the spider monkey as a pet, if you have time and willing to invest energy and money into care. If the answer is yes, you should try to learn as much as possible to the monkey and its needs, and then you bring it home.Remember to check your state laws. Some countries believe that if the owners do not have the illegal monkey necessary permits. Also, make sure your local veterinarian spider monkey and know how to treat them, and if something happened. In addition, monkeys are always buying from a trusted and reliable seller. Do not buy your spider monkey from any illegal sources. Ensure that the monkeys born in captivity, not captured illegally from the wild.

Pictures of Black Spider MonkeyPictures of Black Spider Monkey

Monkeys need a tall tree cover, making them feel as if they were at home. If space is a problem, forgot to keep the spider monkey as a pet. Housing should be established from the security and non-toxic materials. Ensure that the temperature can be controlled and monitored. Spider monkey can not survive in cold temperatures and low humidity levels, especially in the winter.

Photos of Black Spider Monkey DrinkingPhotos of Black Spider Monkey Drinking

Feeding the monkeys need to ensure that appropriate health and longevity. So, feed your pet monkey banana, raisins, oranges, monkey, Mr wheat bread, celery, lettuce and carrots. You can also feed the dog, Mr Monkey in a way.First, make sure you love your pet spider monkey, making them feel safe and secure. Spend enough time to play the monkey, but also comfort. Because monkeys mature, it will get annoyed. So, fully prepared to deal with their depression, mood swings.
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